Owners of electric vehicles have expressed their frustration at the lack of charging stations that are easily accessible to the general public. However, according to a recent article by Automotive News, all of that could soon change as the network for public charging stations in the U.S. is rapidly increasing, making electric vehicles an increasingly attractive option for drivers. 

Walden is proud to have played a part in improving the EV charging network by working with Greenlots (now Shell Recharge Solutions) to design, plan, and launch an electric vehicle charging station in Middletown, NY at Boulder Point Apartments. The initiative was the first public/private project of this type in Middletown and will certainly make the apartments an attractive option for owners of electric vehicles.

In addition to the site planning and engineering, Walden provided the client with assistance in dealing with the local Planning Board for approval and other technical aspects of the project. The EV charging stations were funded through grant programs administered by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) as part of the state’s effort to encourage the deployment of infrastructure to support renewables. 

is a company that is committed to advancing the promise of the electrified transportation, designed to connect people to their destinations in a safer, cleaner and smarter way. The charging solutions offers support that fits the needs of business and residents. Greenlots delivers innovative software, services and support to deploy electric vehicle charging stations at scale. Greenlots and Walden offer compliance support, feasibility studies, engineering as well as permitting and regulatory oversight in order to qualify your site for EV charging stations.  

“National and statewide efforts like these are best served with professional engineering support that is local, creative and quick. Walden is excited to see an increase in these types of renewable energy infrastructure projects and is well positioned to help the continued roll out of these technologies”, Thomas T. (Ted) Nitza, Jr., P.E, Senior Project Manager at Walden. 

Many business owners with space to host an EV charging station may find that such an amenity can build goodwill in their local community in addition to bringing customers to their facility. To find out how your existing commercial, industrial or residential facility can include renewable energy components and lead the way to a better environment, call Walden today.