environmental-database-management-system1Regardless what role you play in the environmental health field, your work involves acquiring, sorting and evaluating vast quantities of data. You also work with a wide variety of colleagues on various projects, some of whom are professional engineers and scientists and some of whom are not. It’s an extremely complex process, especially when team members and field locations are widely dispersed.

An environmental database management system is exactly the organizational tool you need. Adopting this innovative technology can help coordinate and expedite your work every step of the way, so you can work more efficiently and effectively than ever. With an EDMS, it’s simply easier to successfully manage projects and the information and people associated with them.

An EDMS can support and streamline your work, whether you’re a:

  • Large company or public agency managing multiple environmental oversight and/or remedial projects.
  • Smaller operation or consulting firm.
  • Laboratory or very small consultancy.

Everyone in the environmental health arena has to work smoothly together, perform at peak levels and produce reliable, quality results. All the time, often under very difficult circumstances. An environmental database management system allows you to get more done, sooner and better.

You work may focus on site assessment, soil or groundwater investigations, fuel oil or chemical storage. Or perhaps you provide scientific support to other environmental or public health professionals. Efficient access to data is essential. An EDMS can help capture and store data, track each project’s progress, identify trends and potential problems, and analyze data and response alternatives, so your team can make better-informed decisions.

Better yet, you can tailor reporting and visual data representations in numerous ways, to fit the goals of each project and the individual needs of those working on it. An EDMS even makes it easier to comply accurately and on time when it comes to annual status reporting.

Perhaps best of all, an environmental database management system can be very budget-conscious. If you’re a smaller firm with more limited resources, you need to be especially resourceful to accomplish the same objectives as larger firms and remain competitive. Outsourcing can put EDMS technology at your fingertips, without the costs of purchasing, maintenance and physical housing.