edms-environmental-consultingTime is money, especially if you’re functioning in a dynamic industry like environmental consulting. Anything you can introduce into your workplace that helps your team perform more accurately and more efficiently is a move in the right direction. You need anenvironmental database management system (EDMS).

With an EDMS, you’re literally bringing on the latest innovative technology as a working partner. All your data is 100% digital and immediately accessible, so you can strengthen and streamline project management from start to finish, even if you have multiple and widely-dispersed points of contact.

Environmental consulting should focus on data gathering, review and analysis – the kind of professional expertise and insight your clients expect. With an EDMS, you can off-load cumbersome and routine activities such as data entry, mapping, calculations and conversions so your technical team can concentrate on their most important work.

An EDMS provides a wide range of functional efficiencies, including:

  • Virtually unlimited data collection and storage capacity — no hunting around for files or historical records.
  • Easy data additions or revisions, from the field or from your office.
  • Strengthened collaboration, with 24/7 data capture and retrieval and concurrent file sharing and usage.
  • Instant mapping and quick revisions.
  • Automatic identification of variances or other concerns.
  • Automatically conversion of metrics.
  • Easy trend plotting to establish definitive baselines.
  • Assistance developing cost estimates.
  • Consistent deliverables, including a wide range of visualization options, that make comparison easier for technical professionals as well as your non-technical colleagues.
  • No-hassle compliance for reporting or other submittals.
  • Streamlined work flow for more effective time management.
  • Reduced labor costs, as well as other time and money savings.

Successful and profitable environmental consulting depends on your ability to expedite the work at hand. And if you’re better organized you can be more efficient. With an EDMS, you can simply get more done sooner, with even greater confidence in the results.

Using an environmental database management system can assure faster and cost-effective solutions as well as investigations. That means earlier implementation of remedial actions or long-term management programs. And isn’t one purpose of environmental consulting to develop better ways to address human and environmental health challenges?