Are there areas of expertise that your construction company has trouble fulfilling? It might be a smart move to hire an experienced consultant. A consultant can help you save time and money in a variety of areas.



Construction Spoils Management

The amount of waste that is produced by construction activities can be tremendous, especially in the case of demolition, renovation, or excavation. Many clients will require contractors to have a comprehensive excess material disposal plan for dealing with the removal of Construction and Demolition (C&D) debris and other materials. This can require assistance from a consultant familiar with handling all types of solid waste. Engineering consultants can assist contractors with spoils management.


Hazardous waste generated from construction activities require permits, inspections, and detailed reporting and documentation. Walden can help firms ensure that they manage hazardous waste in compliance with regulations.



Failing to obtain proper permits before beginning work could result in stiff penalties and even stop-work orders. Firms with expertise in filing permits often have contacts within regulatory agencies that can help to ensure applications are properly completed.


Water treatment plan

Developing, implementing, and maintaining a water treatment plan throughout the project lifecycle is complicated. Experienced consultants can oversee water treatment operations, track water management, and provide recommendations for maintenance work on the system to optimize performance.


Construction SWPPP

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) are overseen by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC). This plan is required when construction activities will disturb one or more acres of land. A SWPPP must include the design, implementation, monitoring, and maintenance of state-approved devices and systems to control stormwater runoff due to construction work. Walden has staff who have completed NYSDEC Erosion and Sediment Control training, which is particularly useful when conditions require SWPPPs.


Community Noise Monitoring Plans

Construction work that takes place in highly populated areas often requires contractors to include a plan for monitoring noise and addressing complaints. Many clients will require noise monitors to be installed to measure and record noise.


Vibration monitoring

Vibration monitoring tools will detect and record movement in the ground that is caused by construction. Some tools measure vibration and others measure the effect the vibrations are having on structures like buildings, bridges, or tunnels. Environmental and engineering consultants use special equipment to monitor vibration-causing work and are experts at interpreting the data from such monitoring.


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