DiscoverE’s Summer of STEM 2023 Program Starts Next Week!

by | Jul 5, 2023

Are you looking for fun, science-based activities to occupy your school-age kids this summer? Check out DiscoverE’s “Summer of STEM!”

DiscoverE is the organization behind several engineering-focused initiatives, including Engineers Week and World Engineering Day. Their mission is to help connect engineers and educators with students so that kids can learn about engineering and understand the important work that engineers do. Their website has a ton of STEM projects available for grades K-12.

The “Summer of STEM” is DiscoverE’s most recently released STEM activity. This program includes five engineering challenges for kids to work through. DiscoverE provides a STEM journal that participants can use as a guide throughout the process. The journal will include prompts that help kids think about engineering design, as well as video materials. Kids will have the opportunity to watch interviews with engineers as a part of this program.

The “Summer of STEM” runs for five weeks, from July 10 to August 11. It is set up so that kids can complete one engineering challenge per week. The program is designed for kids in grades 3-8, but be sure to check out the DiscoverE website for other activities if you have younger or older kids who are interested! To sign up for the “Summer of STEM,” visit this link.

DiscoverE’s mission resonates with us here at Walden, as we share their commitment to furthering engineering education. We do this primarily by offering scholarships and engaging with high school and college students who are interested in engineering. Read about some of Walden’s past work with students at Hofstra University here and at Lafayette College here. We also offer internships to motivated students; contact us at 516-271-1948 to learn more today!

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