(Originally published February 2021.)

With a new month comes a fresh start; an opportunity to look at your emergency response plan to ensure that you’re prepared. At Walden, our EHS Division (formerly Turnkey Compliance Solutions), has expanded our CPR AED and First Aid training program to meet the needs of our clients, especially those with changing operations due to Covid-19.

To give you a first-hand look at our program, we asked our instructors to tell us more.

Which companies should sign up for Walden’s CPR AED and First Aid training program? 
This course is a comprehensive way to ensure the safety of your personnel across a wide range of business types and locations by giving them the training to respond in a medical emergency. If your business is outside a five-mile radius of a 24-hour Urgent Care facility, in particular, it is especially important that your staff is equipped to respond to a medical emergency.

Keep in mind that real-life emergencies don’t just happen on manufacturing floors – they happen in every office, and at events like social gatherings or sports. (Read about how Walden’s Mark Morgano used his training to save a life at hockey practice.)  

Who should participate in the program?
Short answer: Everyone!

The CPR AED and First Aid course covers diverse and rich content presented by enthusiastic, knowledgeable instructors with hands-on skills practice and assessment. Leaders at organizations should consider any individual who expresses interest in taking this course, especially those in a supervisory role like shift leaders and emergency coordinators.

For staff who have a genuine interest in participating in a voluntary medical program, the two-year certification is a great professional development opportunity.

What is your favorite part of the program? 
The diversity of the background of the students. We have all age ranges and experience levels like EMTs and ship captains as well as young attendees new to the work world and production workers with at-risk family members – you name it!

The hands-on skills practice is one of the most fun components of the program. Learning through doing is an effective method of practice and retention and it is fun! You’ll come away from the class with some muscle memory and with a sense of empowerment in your ability to react in an emergency situation and provide care for others.

What are some fears or concerns that participants have – but shouldn’t? 
Some participants fear that if they come to someone’s aid, they will do more harm than good. The primary purpose of this class is to remove the fear because doing something is better than doing nothing.

Other things we’ve heard:

·      “I don’t have time to do this course right now.”

·      “I won’t be able to do it.”

·      “I won’t get it ‘right.’”

·      “I’ll embarrass myself.”

We give each student all the tools – including a hard-copy manual – and resources to be successful and that includes professional guidance and coaching on proper technique. We also make training arrangements based on availability, sometimes months in advance, to accommodate even the busiest of schedules.

Training is still available during Covid-19 restrictions, with enhanced cleaning and social distancing protocols. Interested in training for your team? Email mbalda@walden-associates.com.