Fleet Fuel Management SystemsAs you begin your investigation into fleet fuel management systems, one of the first things you’ll discover is that there are several companies that offer something along this line. But while they all describe their system as designed for “fleet fuel management,” these systems actually vary widely.  So once you decide when you should consider a fleet fuel management system, then you need to start doing your research.

If you’re going to invest in an entirely new way of managing your fuel and vehicle assets, you want to focus on fleet fuel management systems that will provide comprehensive benefits. But understanding how each system works can be confusing. And discerning  how your operation could benefit in detail, not just generically, may be difficult.

These companies offer broad-based programs:

  • FuelMaster®. This company offers comprehensive systems that eliminate manual data entry. Read/write cards control dispenser access and prevent incorrect fueling. RFID captures odometer and other vehicle readings. The system automatically calculates vehicle efficiency and provides alerts to service needs, and you can create customized reports, etc.
  • E. J. Ward. Their automatic fleet fuel management systems help you control fuel security and accountability. You can gather odometer and other readings plus vehicle diagnostic data to manage fleet maintenance and driver behaviors as well as fuel usage. Systems are wireless, eliminating the need for manual data entry, and they support any number of users, vehicles and fueling locations.

These systems support any number of fueling locations and work with any standard or alternative fuel.

  • Gasboy. This company offers stand-alone and fully integrated components for managing your fuel and fleet, focusing on cardlock operations. Various system components control dispenser access and collect vehicle data to help track fuel costs. One component operates hands-free and allows fuel dispensing only to authorized vehicles.

You can track fuel inventory and also manage preventive vehicle maintenance by capturing odometer readings, etc. during fueling. An optional back-office program integrates with these components, so you can run reports to manage costs and improve decision-making

  • FuelForce. Modular components variously manage dispenser access, capture transaction data for reporting purposes and track vehicles using GPS. You can choose options that require no software, use hosted software or provide database software you can use to customize reports, etc. This software has a provision that prevents unauthorized access to your fuel.
  • Omnitracs. This company offers a range of applications via third-party providers, to help manage fuel consumption as well as driver and fleet performance and ensure accurate fuel tax reporting. You can collect information to identify inefficient drivers, monitor costs, analyze fuel trends and improve route planning.

These companies offer narrower-focus solutions:

  • FuelQuest. This company focuses on cost reduction through centralized fuel management. They offer an outsourced fuel management service or a comprehensive fuel management system that enables you to automate dispensing and track procurement, inventories and fuel sales. It’s essentially a nationwide buying group that includes fuel suppliers, distributors and buyers. You cannot track vehicle performance.
  • Vehicle Tracking Solutions. This company offers GPS hardware and tracking software to montior vehicle use, thereby increasing productivity, reducing theft, improving fuel efficiency, and optimizing routing.


  • Veeder-Root. This company provides dispensing systems designed to give you greater insight into fuel usage. Solutions are focused on controlling fuel inventory by managing deliveries and dispensing. These systems don’t address fleet management.


  • Navman Wireless. This system promotes lower fuel consumption through tracking vehicle performance. You can monitor idle times, maintenance schedules and route compliance and detect speeding. You cannot control fuel assets.

The best fleet fuel management systems enable you to protect fuel and vehicle assets, save money and improve overall decision-making.