edms-primary-benefitsAn environmental database management system is a comprehensive technology platform specifically designed to support the work of environmental scientists and managers, in all the ways you need to work. So the real question is who cannot benefit from using an EDMS?

Perhaps you’re a geologist, hydrogeologist or environmental engineer who relies on gathering and evaluating detailed data to devise solutions for a variety of clients and colleagues. Or perhaps you’re focused on regulatory, legal or property and facilities management challenges.

An EDMS can benefit anyone involved with discovery or remediation of environmental concerns, including those who:

  • Represent a private company or public agency that needs to compile, retrieve and analyze vast quantities of historical data and related information.
  • Work with widely dispersed project team members, all of whom need ready access to information and the ability to pull custom reports relevant to their part of the work.
  • Provide scientific support services.
  • Need to create and submit periodic reports regarding environmentally-based project progress or ongoing storage of fuel oils or other regulated chemicals.

An environmental database management system helps:

  • Establish and maintain centralized data storage that keeps information at everyone’s fingertips.
  • Organize data as needed, and retrieve it in myriad formats. You can quickly assemble and analyze details, produce scenarios and do what-if calculations, estimate costs, and apply previous data or solutions to new work to avoid duplication of effort.
  • Save time and make better use of resources, with automated intelligence that handles data entry chores and calculations, freeing up your personnel to focus their knowledge and experience on creative thinking.
  • Facilitate collaboration throughout your team, with 24/7 access to information and reports, in real time, from anywhere.
  • Produce better results.
  • Produce faster results.
  • Save money.

An environmental database management system can be a surprisingly budget-conscious investment, whether you establish an in-house EDMS or choose outsourcing, which delivers all the same benefits without the associated purchase and maintenance costs.

If you’re working in any aspect of environmental health and stewardship, your work is always complex. An environmental database management system provides the comprehensive interface that brings all your data together, houses it and delivers it as needed to make the most effective day-to-day decisions, long-term planning and projections. You’ll be confident in the accuracy of your work and the quality of the results.