record-of-decisionThe purpose of any groundwater soil investigation is to determine if contaminants have been released to subsurface areas, and if so, the nature and extent of those releases. The investigative process involves gathering and evaluating data – sometimes tremendous quantities – to consider the feasibility and ultimate value of remedial alternatives.

Phase I and especially Phase II ESA investigations can involve surveys, sampling, and testing in order to identify and classify soil and groundwater impacts. Using an environmental database management system (EDMS) can greatly improve the groundwater soil investigation process, both in the field and in the lab.

Your investigation can be:

More thorough.

An EDMS combines comprehensive data storage capability with an astounding array of reporting and even analytical options. Project data and archived information are easily accessible, by any team member, any time, from anywhere. Data can be uploaded right from the field or, conversely, quickly retrieved while in the field.

Since an EDMS is entirely technology-based, it can handle any amount of data. So it’s equally valuable for a single, localized groundwater soil investigation or for managing numerous far-flung projects simultaneously.

More accurate.

An EDMS automatically uploads data, converts measurement units, and performs calculations. That eliminates human error. An EDMS can provide any number of visualization and modeling options, making it easier to see and understand the big picture and also very small nuances.

Completed faster.

An EDMS enables you to pose detailed queries and receive virtually immediate responses. It can facilitate data analysis and help conduct “what if” testing of various proposed treatment options, if needed. It streamlines work every step of the way, enabling scientists and other professional staff to concentrate their efforts on skilled thinking rather than delaying the investigation with tedious data entry.

Whether you choose to establish an electronic database management system in-house or outsource EDMS services from a professional provider, you’ll get better results to support better decision-making for property owners, lawyers, public officials, and consulting teams.