Why Site-Planning Is Important For Mulch Facilities!

Do you own or operate a Mulch Processing Facility?
Are you aware of the new NYCRR Part 361 regulations as of November 4, 2018?
Having the correct site-layout is crucial to complying!

Criteria to be followed in planning:

  • Piles must be triangular in cross section to minimize anaerobic conditions (windrows);
  • Piles should be spaced 10 feet apart from each other;
  • Piles are restricted to a height of 25 feet ( 15 feet for Suffolk and Nassau counties) and a pile width of 30 feet;
  • Unprocessed and primary grind piles cannot be stored for more than 180 days ;
  • Processed double or finely ground piles cannot be stored for more than 90 days;

Why Site-Planning Is Important For Mulch FacilitiesRegulated facilities are required to have run-on/run-off plans that consider the following:

  • Avoiding water from coming in contact with mulch (ie. – piles can be covered with a breathable liner;
  • Avoiding run-off from the piles – (ie. piles should be placed so that there is not a significant slope from the pile to uncontrolled area)
  • Avoiding ponding/standing water that can seep (ie. piles should not be placed in a topographic depression, and areas should be sloped sufficiently to avoid ponding);
  • The facility should minimize the amount of stormwater going through the facility (ie. using diversion swales or berms);

Need help with site-planning for your facility to comply with the new regulations? Walden has already designed site plans for mulch processing facilities that can be easily implemented into your current operation!

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