What Tips and Tools Are Available to Help You Build a Sustainable Operation?

by | Jun 8, 2023

Now more than ever, responsible businesses and municipalities are interested in deploying the most up-to-date tools and technologies to ensure that their venture operates sustainably while protecting the environment, employees, and residents.

With climate change being top of mind for many people, it is understandable that leaders in public and private sectors are interested in combating the problem and responding to regulatory requirements in some cases.

Federal and local governments have set far-reaching goals to address climate change. Throughout the country, many states are enacting or considering laws that would force the use of renewable energy sources, which could decarbonize entire industries. To accomplish this, many facilities will need extensive retrofitting, which will involve the services of an engineer. This is especially the case in manufacturing, water treatment, or other similar facilities with complex machinery and infrastructure.

There are many things that must be considered when deciding how to “green” your operation. In addition to the age, size, energy use, and condition of a facility, there are immutable factors like the proximity of local communities, available infrastructure to support upgrades, and political factors.


How do you start?

There are numerous actions that should be taken to help guide your decision-making. Those could include performing a utility valuation, an energy audit, or an asset inventory. These steps will help you determine crucial information like how much energy your facility or operation uses during peak and off-peak hours, what condition buildings or machinery are in, and what the cost will be of maintaining or upgrading these assets.

Walden has experience performing those activities. Our staff of highly experienced engineers, geologists, and scientists know what to look for when evaluating facilities for energy efficiency, condition assessments, and potential upgrades.

Don’t try to do this work alone! Retrofitting or upgrading buildings or machinery and installing solar panel arrays require the services of licensed professionals like engineers. Walden can help you make sense of the data and make responsible decisions. To talk to one of our experts, contact us at 516-518-3705. You can also read Walden’s latest guide, which will help you as you begin your journey to sustainability.

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