As we all emerge in phases and new protocols from the impacts of the Novel Coronavirus, the office buildings, schools, co-working facilities and gyms all sit waiting for our return. The quality of the tap water within the buildings can be altered due to stagnant conditions or even the lower flow conditions occurring with little or no occupants.  According to the National Science Foundation, water left sitting for longer periods of time could contain higher or excessive amounts of heavy metals and pathogens that are concentrated in the pipes. Scientists have been working on studies based on the impact of the pandemic shutdown on water quality in buildings.

Photo Credit: Purdue Engineering Professor Andrew Whelton

Researchers from Purdue University have initiated the study with a Rapid Response (RAPID) Grant from the National Science Foundation. This Study is a national effort to advise public health officials, building owners and water utilities on how to safely recommission buildings with low or no occupancy due to the pandemic. This is a first-time study based on widespread, long-term building closures. Please see the Featured Video for more information on Doctor Whelton and his team’s continuing field study on water quality during this pandemic.

In addition to managing building systems during COVID-19, owners, operators and utilities are encouraged to implement well thought-out start up protocols to protect their employees and the public. Walden Environmental Engineering can provide guidance regarding efforts to prevent water quality problems prior to re-entry to buildings. There are tool-kits, flushing protocols and disposal guidance and other ways to develop how to adjust and implement water management programs for reducing your buildings risk of spreading Legionella, e-coli and other pathogens.

Walden has worked with clients on several projects in the past on Health and Safety measures, including Legionella compliance for cooling towers, and it applying this experience to today’s challenges. Visit our blog to ensure your facility is ready for the days ahead.  For more information on how Walden can help you take better care for your facility, employees, customers and the public, please call Walden today!