Walden’s EHS Division Conducts First Aid Training Programs

by | Feb 28, 2023

On February 14, Walden’s Amanda Chatfield, a specialist on our EHS team, conducted a first aid training session. In the image, Chatfield is teaching trainees about the use of an AED. AEDs can be used to revive people who have gone into cardiac arrest by detecting the heart’s rhythm and administering any necessary electrical shocks to get it beating properly again.

Chatfield and the rest of our EHS staff have been very busy running first aid programs, especially in the wake of NFL safety Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest in the midst of a game. In a January matchup against Cincinnati, Buffalo’s Hamlin got up after making a tackle but then immediately collapsed. He had gone into cardiac arrest, but fortunately, after CPR and an AED were used on field, his heartbeat was restored. Today, Hamlin is recovering well, and recently, he tweeted: “I’m making it my mission to make sure everyone knows CPR.”

Walden’s comprehensive first aid training programs include instruction on CPR, AEDs, and bloodborne pathogens. Knowing first aid is a vital skill, and it can truly save someone’s life. If you are interested in learning more about these important trainings or finding out how Walden can run them for you, give us a call at 516-559-6976. Additionally, check out our EHS consulting and outsourcing webpage to read about the many other programs that our EHS experts offer!

Read about all of the EHS programs that Walden offers on our EHS consulting and outsourcing page. Contact us at 516-559-6976 to connect with our EHS team!