The North American Water Loss Conference and Exposition is the premiere event in 2019 for water loss solutions!

The North American Water Loss Conference & Exposition will be held at the Renaissance Nashville Hotel December 3rd through December 5th. This American Water Works Association (AWWA) 2019 Conference will offer attendees more than 100 expert speakers to cover approaches to reduce non-revenue water, regulatory developments and offer a platform to share processes, methods and techniques from peers in the industry. Walden will be among leading technology and service providers that will address issues of water efficiency for water utilities including leakage and pressure management, customer meter management, Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)/Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), and all other aspects of non-revenue water management.

The two-day conference will also feature an Exhibit Hall which showcases latest products and technologies to address the issue of water and revenue loss for water utility operations. The seminar will host over 40 exhibitors offering diverse and extensive resources for the industry.

Topic/Summary of Walden presentation:

Ted Nitza from our Walden team will be presenting Aerial Thermal Imaging with Unmanned Aircraft (Drone) to Search for Leaking Underground Water Piping. During the technical session titled: Innovative Leakage Management Technologies, Nitza will be introducing the utility of using thermal imagery to detect leaking underground piping. Scott Harrigan from Harkin Aerial and Ted have been partnering together for  more than a year in research and development efforts regarding several civil and environmental topics such as detecting water revenue and loss.

The other presentations during this same AWWA afternoon technical session include:

Comparing Satellite and Acoustic Leak Detection

Speakers: Casey LeBlanc, Senior Civil Engineer at East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD)

Authors: Winnie Jiang, Junior Engineer at EBMUD and Clifford Chan, Director of Operations and Maintenance at EBMUD

This presentation is intended to help utilities understand the advantages and constraints of satellite leak detection, automated acoustic leak detection, and manual acoustic leak detection based on experience at the East Bay Municipal Utility District.

Installing and Calibrating Transient Real-Time Pipeline Simulators to ensure Calm Networks and Reduce Unauthorized Consumption

Speakers: Glyn Addicott, Operations Director at Hydraulic Analysis Group

Using proprietary software, pipeline simulators are calibrated and connected to the real-time environment. The simulators are used for burst detection, blockage detection, unauthorized consumption detection, water quality, optimization, and ‘what if’ analysis. Water utility companies gain a clear picture of the transient pressures and flows throughout the network, even where pressure or flow sensors are not installed. The simulators do not need a dense sensor distribution or high-speed data and are ideal for large networks.

Speaker Bio: Thomas, T. (Ted) Nitza, Jr., P.E., Senior Project Manager

Mr. Nitza is a New York registered Professional Engineer with a B.S. in Civil Engineering and an MBA.  Mr. Nitza has over 25 years of civil/environmental engineering experience in drinking water, sanitary sewer, stormwater utility, drainage and other water quality related fields.  He has helped many municipalities and utilities succeed and grow through direct engineering efforts as well as through the development of new markets, relationships and approaches to organic customer growth and utility partnerships, shared services agreements and regionalization efforts. Mr. Nitza is involved in many research and development efforts for utilities including PFOSs and PFOAs, underground leak detection and loss prevention, stormwater quality and renewable energy. Mr. Nitza serves on Environmental and Conservation Boards for municipalities.  In addition to direct civil and environmental engineering, his expertise includes planning and strategic business studies, rate and funding studies, asset valuations, expert testimony and utility related lobbying efforts.

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