Walden to Manage Renewable Energy Improvements at Fire Department Facility

by | Apr 6, 2023

Walden is pleased to announce that we will be providing project management services for a planned solar facilities project (project) at a local fire department (department). Walden will provide a project manager, support staff, and resources to facilitate the commencement to completion of the project, and will represent the interests of the community to reach their renewable energy goals.


How will the department benefit?

Walden will lead the department through a process for finding solar facilities development firms (solar companies) and anticipates the department entering into a long-term agreement with a selected firm that will then design, permit, install, operate, and maintain the solar facilities at the firehouse (site). The department expects to be compensated by the selected solar company during the term of the agreement through rental payments, discounted electricity cost, other financial means, or a combination of benefits determined to be acceptable to the department. Walden will model the financial and ownership options to assist the department in making the right decisions for their community.


How large will the solar facilities be?

The approximate number of solar panels could be 350, consisting of 250 panels on the roof and 100 panels on the ground or parking canopy areas. The capacity of the solar facilities is approximately 150 kW with an expected annual production of 185 MWh per year. The production equivalent of these solar facilities would fully power approximately 230 typical homes in New York.


What is the scope of services Walden will provide?

Walden will:

  • Protect the department’s interests and address their concerns beginning with the selection of a solar company through project completion and the first full days of renewable energy production.
  • Meet with department and community officials to discuss the available ownership, delivery, and benefit approaches available to the department for a third party to provide, own, and maintain the solar facilities at the site.
  • Prepare an RFP to seek interest from solar development firms for the site.
  • Assist, facilitate, and administer the negotiation, finalization, and approvals of the solar company award, lease agreement, and other associated contract documents between the department and the selected solar company in a time sensitive manner.
  • Monitor, facilitate, and assist the department and solar company with applications and receipt of local, state, and other agency permits or other approvals.
  • Provide limited on-site inspection, monitoring, documentation, and contract compliance verification during the construction and start-up of the project.
  • Coordinate, document, and facilitate the awareness of the solar company’s training of department staff, emergency responders, and other regulatory agencies prior to the commencement of electricity generation.
  • Prepare a final punch list of construction and contract compliance issues remaining at the time of first commencement of electricity generation.
  • Provide written reports of the progress of the project to the department detailing the percentage complete and expected/updated milestone achievement dates, noting any unresolved issues or concerns potentially impacting schedule, and other relevant project data or occurrences.


How can Walden help you and your community?

Walden is experienced in managing the design, permitting, bidding, and construction of small and large municipally-related and private sector infrastructure projects with unique funding and project delivery methods. Walden has the staff and resources in place to successfully complete projects that assist in the implementation of future community assets.

If you are interested in working with a consultant that can help you to reach the renewable energy goals that you have set for your facility or community, give Walden a call today at 516-559-6976.

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