Walden Environmental Engineering, PLLC is pleased to announce the promotion of four professional engineers to Vice President and the formation of the new Walden Management Committee which is intended to maintain the firm’s high level of service to clients while it continues to grow.  The newly established Management Committee is comprised of Peter Brighton P.E., Nora Brew P.E., Robert LoPinto P.E., and Ted Nitza P.E., who were recently promoted Vice Presidents of Walden and will closely work with Walden’s President, Joe Heaney III, P.E. in planning for the future and implementing firm-wide practices to benefit our staff and clients.  Each will maintain their roles as Senior Project Managers to continue providing hands-on involvement in projects while taking on additional responsibilities to dive deeper into specific aspects of the firm’s management.

Peter Brighton, P.E.

Peter incorporates his experience, expertise and versatility in the municipal sector to provide clients with the most innovative and cost-effective strategies for success. With over 17 years of experience, Peter has extensive knowledge of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He is an accomplished project manager with wide ranging expertise and responsibilities including the safety, scheduling, and supervision of work completed by the Walden team. Peter’s designated responsibilities as part of the Management Committee involve making sure that Walden is always evolving in terms of the latest technology and equipment advances that will directly benefit our clients.

“In the wise words of Mahatma Gandhi, ‘The future depends on what you do today.’” – Peter Brighton, P.E.

Nora Brew, P.E.

Nora has over 23 years of engineering experience, including 15 years at Walden. Nora combines her knowledge of local, state and federal regulations with an array of engineering and environmental compliance expertise to provide outstanding solutions to clients. She manages environmental projects for municipalities and private clients, providing services including site investigations, remediation and waste management.  She also tracks funding opportunities and writes grant applications to pursue funds on behalf of clients so they can move forward with essential projects.  While maintaining her project management role and working with clients, Nora will take on the responsibilities of overseeing best practices at Walden to maximize efficiency as we grow.

“I am proud to be a part of Walden’s Management Committee and look forward to helping Walden continue to grow and provide high quality services to our clients.” – Nora Brew, P.E.

Robert LoPinto, P.E.

With over 35 years of experience, Bob has broad, in-depth knowledge of environmental and civil engineering. He is a graduate of the US Army Command and General Staff College and served in the Army Corps of Engineers for 21 years. Bob will continue to run projects as Senior Project Manager, while taking on the responsibilities of developing intellectual resources through staff training opportunities and attracting qualified professionals to join Walden. With Bob’s broad range of experience, he has a great understanding of the skills Walden’s employees possess, and associating them with appropriate Walden jobs to put forth the best work for our clients.

“With the establishment of the Walden Management Committee and the promotion of Walden’s new Vice-Presidents, Walden is poised to continue its growth both now and in the long-term future.” – Robert LoPinto, P.E.

Thomas T. (Ted) Nitza, Jr., P.E.

Ted has over 25 years of civil and environmental engineering experience in drinking water, sanitary sewer, stormwater utility, drainage and other water quality related fields. Ted has helped many public and private utilities grow through direct engineering efforts as well as through the development of new markets, relationships and approaches to organic customer growth and utility partnerships, shared services agreements, regionalization efforts and the acquisition or sale of utility infrastructure and other assets. In his role as Vice President, Ted will focus on the growth of Walden through the areas of innovation and emerging markets.  Ted will combine the expertise of Walden and all of its employees to find new opportunities to benefit Walden’s clients, the communities we serve and push the industry forward. 

Walden’s efforts include cutting edge technologies and developing new and creative ways to solve our engineering challenges.  Walden encourages curiosity and favors an attitude seeking continual learning and improvement – resulting in an interesting place to further develop your career.” – Ted Nitza, P.E.

If you are looking for environmental consulting expertise, call Walden Environmental Engineering at 516-624-7200 to speak with one of our Management Committee members and discuss your environmental needs!