Being a strong community member, at Walden, means getting involved and finding ways to facilitate meaningful interactions with others. One of the ways we accomplish this is by coming together with young students at surrounding schools. On March 22, 2022 Walden founder and principal, Joe Heaney, had the opportunity to attend the Breakfast of Engineers event at Oyster Bay-East Norwich Schools.



The Breakfast of Engineers is hosted yearly and provides an opportunity for high school students to network with and learn from local engineers. Professionals vary from fields like aeronautical, civil, computer, environmental, industrial, and mechanical engineering. Each year Joe attends this event and provides potential future engineers with an abundance of information. He presents them with problem-solving activities based off of real issues that Walden engineers have encountered in their work.



At the event, students have the opportunity to converse with engineers and fire away any questions they may have. Following, is a presentation from two engineers covering a problem they had faced in the field. Students then work in small groups with an engineer to determine a solution to said problem. Throughout the rest of the morning students rotate through a number of other problem-solving activities.



The Breakfast of Engineers is a wonderful opportunity for local engineers to pass on their knowledge and passion for engineering. As this field continues to grow, it is important to expose young students to the incredible work that engineers do. It may be an avenue that they had never thought to explore before!



If you have questions about getting involved with Walden for community outreach, call us today at 516-758-1273.