Walden Employee Spotlight: Lou Donates His Hair

by | Jul 14, 2023

Lou Goldstein, Project Engineer at Walden, cut his hair this past weekend! A haircut is not always a particularly notable occasion, but we wanted to highlight this particular case because Lou donated his hair to an awesome non-profit.

Children With Hair Loss is an organization that provides human hair replacements to individuals under 21 years of age. To qualify to receive a hair replacement, kids must have hair loss caused by medical factors (such as cancer treatments or trichotillomania). Recipients are supplied with a hair care kit and are supported as they learn to care for their hair replacement. Check out the Children With Hair Loss website to learn more about the work that this organization does!

If you are interested in donating your hair like Lou, visit Children With Hair Loss’s donations page to learn about the requirements. Donating your hair can be a really rewarding experience. Dealing with medically related hair loss is often very difficult, and a hair replacement can go a long way in brightening someone’s day and helping them to feel more confident.

Lou donated his hair after growing it out for about 2.5 years. He says about the experience: “After exploring several different hair donation options, I was quite impressed by the history of Children With Hair Loss organization and moved by the testimonials I read. I was excited to make a difference in the life of a person struggling with medical-related hair loss.”

At Walden, one of our core values is community service and engagement. We are incredibly proud to have people like Lou on the Walden team who give back to others. Thank you, Lou!

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