Regulations pertaining to industrial cleaning and degreasing with solvents are changing. Here are the big take-aways. 

Businesses that use solvents or cold cleaners for equipment cleaning, take note of changes in regulations that could affect your industrial operations. NYSDEC is proposing to amend 6NYCRR Part 226 concerning air emission related to Solvent Metal Cleaning Process.

The following are the proposed modification of the existing Part 226:

  1. Part 226, which is currently applicable to solvent cleaning processes for metal, will be substituted by Subpart 226-1 which will apply to any material being cleaned by solvent.

Furthermore additional changes will be applied to cold cleaners and specifically to modify the current requirement of maximum allowable vapor pressure of 1.0 mmHg (at 20 °C) to a maximum content of 25 g/L of VOC (volatile organic compound) for the solvents being used.

  1. Subpart 226-2 “Industrial Cleaning Solvents” will be added and it will apply to a facility emitting annually three or more tons of VOCs from solvent cleaning activities and in particular to:
  • Cleaning of foreign material including large and small manufactured components, parts, equipment, floors, tanks and vessels
  • Cleaning activities performed by manual or mechanical wiping, mopping, brushing, flushing or spraying

The new requirements for Part 226-2 will include:

  • Work Practice
  • Recordkeeping
  • Storage Requirements
  • Permissible cleaning solvent solution:
  • maximum VOC content of 50g/L (0.42 lb/gall) or alternatively


  • maximum composite vapor pressure of 8 mmHg (at 20 °C)

Facility will need to be in compliance with the following timeframes after the effective date of new regulations:

  • two (2) years for Subpart 226-1
  • one (1) year for Subpart 226-2

The NYSDEC’s Division of Air Resources will hold a meeting to allow anyone affected by this new regulation to provide any input. Written comment will also be accepted. Please see the following link for more details

Curious how the proposed changes could affect your business operations?

If you are not sure if your solvent cleaning process falls under the current 6 NYCRR Part 226 regulation or will be subject to the new proposed Subpart 226-1 and 226-2, contact Walden at 516-624-7200 for a free consultation to discuss any issue related to the use of solvents as cleaning agents or any of the other environmental services you might need at your facility. Walden has extensive air monitoring experience including VOC tracking for workplace health and safety.