Water System Valuation and Feasibility Study of Aqua America (Indiana) for the Service Area of the City of Fort Wayne, Indiana (2015)

The City of Fort Wayne, Indiana negotiated the purchase of all water assets in Allen County from Aqua America avoiding a protracted legal battle.  The $67M purchase included all of the remaining Aqua Indiana water assets serving more than 13,000 customers.  To date, these same water customers (now served by the City of Fort Wayne) have saved more than $500 on their utility bills (more than $5M collectively for the community).  Walden conducted feasibility studies, Valuations and Appraisals, Asset Integration Plans, Staffing and Operations Transfers, developed rate fees and schedules and served as the lead technical negotiator and lead engineer for the transition of the assets, customer accounts, staff and public outreach. Walden was on the team that created a Valuation and Appraisal and other work products that were reviewed, scrutinized and approved without challenge by the state regulatory and consumer advocate agencies.


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April 27, 2021