Semi-Annual Reporting and Permitting

Walden is the civil and environmental engineering consultant for a repeat client that manufactures electronic components like circuit boards and other items for the military and aerospace industries.

To support production, the client maintains machinery and other materials for small-scale electroplating, solder stations, silk screening, abrasive sandblasting, and product assembly operations.

The work performed at the facility results in wastewater that must be treated before being expelled into local sewer systems.

Although the wastewater generated in this operation is modest compared to other manufacturers, they still must prepare semi-annual wastewater reports as required by law for the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYCDEP), which consists of a five-page Industrial User Self-Monitoring Report.

Because the volume of wastewater is not significant, the client uses an evaporative system to treat the water. The evaporative system converts the water to vapor, the byproduct of which could be harmful to employees at the facility depending on the levels of hazardous material that the water was exposed to.

Therefore, due to the nature of the substances used in production, the client is required to have numerous permits, including air permits. Walden has been instrumental in helping the company maintain their permits with NYCDEP and adhere to semi-annual reporting requirements.

As a sign of the trust the client has in Walden, we were contracted to perform other work at this facility, including the preparation of hazardous waste manifests, OSHA noise compliance testing, preparation of Safety Data Sheets (SDS), and a complete EHS audit of the operation that resulted in several recommendations from Walden that the client implemented.

Walden continues to provide technical guidance to this client to ensure that their operation is in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations pertaining to the handling of their industrial wastewater and byproducts of the same.