Power Generating Station Construction Health and Safety Oversight

Walden managed the construction oversight during Con Edison’s removal and replacement of outfall piping that passed through this power generating company’s property. Walden was retained by our client, the power generating company facility owner, to guarantee that the work was completed without damaging their property.  In addition, Walden was also responsible for ensuring that the on-site contractors followed the project Health and Safety Plan, as well as all OSHA, NYSDEC and USEPA regulations during the work. Walden acted as the Owner’s agent to protect the power generating company’s interests and avoid potential liabilities related to health and safety practices.  To ensure a safe work environment, Walden maintained a detailed log of work activities and any infractions observed during the work, and reported them back to the appropriate party and the client.

Upon removal of the piping, impacted soils with staining, odor, and free product were found in one section of the trench. Walden collected seventeen (17) soil samples for laboratory analysis which found evidence of SVOC contamination.  Walden developed stockpiling and disposal plans to handle the impacted soil and prevent any contaminant migration. Once the soil issue was handled, work proceeded in accordance with the project schedule.  The trench was brought to grade with gravel and the pipe was reinstalled and connected. Walden coordinated the abandonment of former monitoring wells at the property and subsequent reinstallation of another eleven (11) monitoring wells to replace them. We then oversaw the asphalt repair and repainting work as well the final general repairs on damaged curbs and catch basins on site.

During the course of the project, Walden worked with the owner and the contractors to adjust work practices as needed to respond to issues that occurred during construction.

Walden applied our Health and Safety expertise to ensure that this project was completed safely and in compliance with applicable health and safety regulations. Walden’s knowledge of material management also enabled us to act appropriately when contaminated soil was encountered during excavation by properly handling and segregating the soil to prevent the spread of contamination.


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July 9, 2020