Municipal On-Call Contracts

Since 2005 Walden has assisted various municipalities with a wide array of environmental compliance tasks through developing contracts with environmental subcontractor firms. The contracts secure prices for our clients.

Walden has developed a series of separate on-call contracts for environmental subcontractor services on behalf of a local Town.  These on-call contracts have enabled the Town to retain subcontractors for a wide range of tasks required to ensure compliance and maintenance tasks are done cost effectively.  These contacts include: analytical laboratory services, pump and tank services, drain and drywell cleaning, asbestos abatement, electrical and mechanical UST alarm repairs, contaminated soil disposal, and environmental drilling.  The Town has benefitted from these on-call contracts in a multitude of ways.  A formal bidding process is followed when selecting each of the on-call subcontractors, which ensures that the Town complies with municipal bidding laws and that contractor selection does not circumvent the bidding process.  Having contracts with on-call subcontractors in place allows the Town to act quickly and respond proactively using pre-selected firms qualified to perform the tasks at hand.  In addition, the on-call contracts provide a significant cost savings because the unit pricing is locked in, avoiding markups.

When the Town goes out to bid for these services, Walden prepares a full bidding package including: a notice to bidders, proposal sheets, anticipated scope of work, general conditions, construction contract and technical sections. Walden also works with the Town to manage the bidding process which includes conducting pre-bid meetings, preparing addenda, reviewing the bids for balance and completeness, interviewing the lowest bidders, checking references, contract administration, contractor oversight and processing payment requests.  Walden manages the drawdown on each on-call contract and prepares bidding packages in advance so the contract can be rebid to avoid lapses in the service agreements.


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October 12, 2021