Mitigation of Wildlife Impacts and Habitat Loss While Advancing Development of Non-Residential PV Systems

Walden is assisting with the development of a non-residential 5.0 MW solar photovoltaic (PC) project at the 189-acre Town of New Paltz (Town) facility, that consists of a capped landfill, recycling center, waste transfer station, Town offices, recreational facilities and vacant, unimproved, grassland and woodland areas.

As part of the ongoing efforts in the implementation of this project, Walden is working on the development of holistic, wildlife-friendly PV solar systems to ensure that implementation of PV systems do not result in loss of habitat for wildlife. Walden is conducting a field study of the Town Solar PV Site and nearby areas as an initial step to assess the baseline wildlife communities living on the existing grassland (capped landfill) and woodland habitats using birds and insects as indicator species.

The initial findings will be used to guide Walden’s desktop study of solar design elements and approaches intended to reduce impact on wildlife. The most compatible and cost effective design will be incorporated into the project.

The timing, cost, constructability, permitting and other design process aspects will be documented during this phase. Once the operation of the PV system commences, Walden will return to the site areas to assess any changes in the bird and insect communities.


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March 23, 2021