Animal Shelter Generator Design, Bidding and Installation Oversight

Walden designed a compressed natural gas generator system which is currently being installed at an animal shelter. During emergencies, such as Superstorm Sandy, the animal shelter takes in many animals that cannot be cared for elsewhere due to the damage caused by the storms and the conditions endured by the pets’ owners. Power outages experienced during severe storm events hinder the ability of employees to properly care for the animals. The new 250 kW standby generator will provide emergency power to keep this facility operational to ensure the health and safety of the workers and animals housed in the shelter. The existing electrical system was evaluated to determine its compatibility with the proposed generator and sizing.  The design includes electrical modifications with installation of an 800-amp automatic transfer switch and a new electrical panel, conduits and wiring for the generator system components. The new generator will automatically begin operating upon loss of electrical power. This generator was also designed to support future expansion of the shelter to include an operating room.

The generator system design complies with all applicable requirements set forth in the National Electric Code, the National Fire Protection Association, and other federal, state and local regulations. Walden prepared construction bid documents and technical specifications for the generator system and assisted the Town in the contractor bidding process. Walden provided contractor oversight to ensure that the generator system was installed in accordance with the approved design.


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July 13, 2021