Walden Client Recognized For Environmental Achievement Efforts

It is great to see a client nationally recognized for their drive and dedication to build better communities.  Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry recently received the 2019 National Environmental Achievement Award for Local Public Service by the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA). Mayor Henry received the award for his dedication to protecting water resources, cleaning Fort Wayne’s rivers and reducing energy costs.

National Environmental Achievement Award

The award recognizes public officials at the local, state and federal levels of government “who have demonstrated exemplary commitment to service in their community and protecting the environment.” Henry was one of five public servants presented with the award.  Recipients included one federal level, two state leaders and two local leaders from across the country.

Mayor Henry was selected by NACWA officials based on his accomplishments that have made a difference throughout Fort Wayne and surrounding areas.

Walden’s Involvement

The Walden office in Fort Wayne is pleased to have worked on many of these clean water initiatives championed by Henry, and share success in bringing affordable, quality water to more residents in the community through the acquisition and consolidation of utility systems, public-private partnerships, shared services and interlocal agreements and other efforts.  Highlights of Walden’s long-term efforts include:

  • The Aqua America (Indiana) water utility acquisitions
  • The Town of Zanesville (sewer), Deer Track (sewer), Salt Hill (water) and White Swan (water) utility acquisitions and integrations
  • Public-Private Partnership with Aqua America (Indiana) for the Diversion and Treatment of Sewage (15-years, 1.5 MGD)
  • Shared Services Agreement (10-year) with the Allen County Regional Water and Sewer District for Billing, Professional Services and Certain Operational and Maintenance Activities
  • Interlocal Agreements (20-year) with Town of Grabill, Leo-Cedarville, Maysville and Allen County Regional Sewer Districts for Water Pollution Control and Treatment
  • Septic System Relief Projects in Rural Areas Near Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne and the surrounding areas are not only seeing public health and environmentally-friendly benefits, but the community is also experiencing lower utility rates and considered a most affordable place to live and invest.  Mayor Henry has been a steady force for Fort Wayne City Utilities initiatives insisting on affordable updates to infrastructure, the reduction of runoff pollution from waterways, utilization of greener methane generated power and improvements to prevent and better mitigate flooding in neighborhoods.

Congratulations Mayor Tom Henry and everyone involved.  Learn more about Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry’s clean water initiatives in the press release by the City of Fort Wayne.

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