Commitment to Our Community: High School Scholarship

Walden Environmental Engineering offers a scholarship to high school students in Oyster Bay, NY.  The goal is to expose young aspiring students to engineering and to pursue the field and study of engineering. In the world of engineering, a quality high school education sets the foundation needed to excel in higher learning and one’s career. Walden Environmental Engineering is dedicated to helping students along the way.

Oyster Bay High School Engineering Scholarship

Students were given a problem statement and had to come up with a solution. This year, 3 finalists were chosen to research potential methods and markets for waste glass streams that will reduce landfill disposal of glass. Based on their research and engineering evaluation, they identified a combination of methods and techniques which might allow such a system to come to market. They were challenged to write a Feasibility Report and include both an engineering and market evaluation.

Joseph M. Heaney III, P.E., President of Walden Environmental Engineering, believes those who strive to succeed and take their education seriously deserve to be rewarded. Therefore, Walden awards an engineering scholarship to the best qualified Oyster Bay High school graduating senior. Walden Environmental Engineering is proud to announce this year’s recipient of Walden’s 5th annual college scholarship award.

2019 Scholarship Winner: GianLuca Pavlovic

This year’s scholarship winner is GianLuca Pavlovic. Walden wishes GianLuca the best of luck in his future endeavors and congratulations on your High School graduation!

Walden’s Core Values

Listed in Walden’s Core Values are social responsibility and community involvement. Walden continues its outreach into Oyster Bay High School to mentor high school students interested in the STEM fields. Check out our webpage for more information on Walden Environmental Engineering.