New York State’s $25M Grant Program for Volunteer Fire Services

by | Jan 3, 2024

In a move to bolster its emergency response capabilities, New York recently announced a $25 million capital grant initiative for volunteer fire departments across the state. The Volunteer Fire Infrastructure & Response Equipment (V-FIRE) Grant Program is aimed at upgrading facilities and equipment to bolster emergency services provided by volunteer fire departments. Grant applications are due April 30, 2024.


Objectives of the Program

The V-FIRE grant program is administered by the New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services. The program focuses on several key objectives to strengthen volunteer emergency responses within the state:

  1. Ensure fire stations and training facilities meet current building codes.
  2. Support effective firefighting practices by providing equipment including personal protective gear, decontamination tools, and effective exhaust removal systems.
  3. Enhance volunteer firefighter safety and health by supporting the consolidation of fire service resources through regionalization efforts.


Funding Options

The $25 million grant program offers two funding options:

  1. $20 million is allocated for construction, renovation, and facility purchase projects, including fire stations, training towers, instructional spaces, exhaust systems, and decontamination facilities.
  2. $5 million is designated for allowable fire service equipment, such as personal protective gear, communication equipment, rehab tools, and air compressors.


How to Apply

Eligible entities within the state of New York serving one or more local governments can apply for the V-FIRE grant. Eligible organizations include:

  1. Volunteer fire companies that are comprised of 100 percent volunteer firefighters and that are responsible for providing fire protection services to one or more jurisdictions.
  2. Nonprofit fire companies are eligible to apply subject to prequalification conditions stated in the application.
  3. Municipalities including villages, towns, cities, and fire districts responsible for providing fire protection through a fire department comprised of 100 percent volunteer firefighter membership. Applications will also be accepted from counties and municipalities with shared service agreements.

You can access the V-FIRE Grant Program Request for Applications here. Grant application scoring will consider the volunteer fire department’s annual operating budget as well as social and economic factors.



By investing in the infrastructure and equipment of volunteer fire departments, the state aims to enhance emergency response capabilities resilience.

For assistance in navigating and completing V-FIRE grant applications, contact Walden at 516-588-6859. With years of proven experience in successfully securing grants, we are here to guide you through the application process and help you pursue funding to support your volunteer fire department needs.

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