DOB continues inspections at construction sites

During the first 30 days after Phase 1 construction resumed on June 8, 2020, New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) inspectors focused on educating construction professionals on COVID safety protocols and did not issue any monetary penalties. Beginning July 8th, DOB inspectors will take enforcement action against construction sites which are found to be out of compliance, and financial penalties are probable. Persistent noncompliance may result in Stop Work Orders and possible civil penalties of up to $5,000 for each offense. Inspectors will also continue to identify Construction Code and Electrical Code violations and take appropriate enforcement actions during the on-going COVID sweep.

In order to prepare for DOB inspections and avoid penalties, construction site owners need to know what to expect.  Read on to find out more.

What are DOB inspectors looking for?

During the COVID sweeps, DOB inspectors will focus on the following:

  1. Compliance with social distancing practices, with a minimum of 6 feet between all personnel. If shorter distance is required due to the nature of the work, everyone must wear face coverings.
  2. Hygiene and hand washing stations must be immediately available.
  3. Information on COVID-19 safety measures must posted in places visible to all workers.
  4. Posting of 50% capacity limit for tightly confined spaces like elevators, hoists, cab and at each landing.
  5. A site safety monitor must be assigned.
  6. Posting Safety plan(s) visible to everyone including a copy of the submitted State confirmation.
  7. Accurately completed and updated cleaning and disinfection logs; and separate logs for each person working on the site has closer contact with others.
  8. A proper communication plan for everyone on the site.

Walden can help you prepare for inspections and address any violations

Call Walden for help to prepare for potential inspections to avoid penalties.  If you receive a violation, Walden’s environmental engineering and industrial hygiene professionals can help you meet the DOB’s requirements.  Contact Walden today to discuss your reopening and compliance needs.