Do you manage land clearing debris or compost in Nassau or Suffolk Counties on Long Island?

You will soon have to meet new regulatory requirements for New York State that, at a minimum, include the following:

  • Quarterly water quality testing (and the installation of groundwater monitoring wells for this purpose)
  • Setbacks of operations/material storage from drinking water supply wells and surface water bodies
  • Dust and odor suppression
  • Fire risk minimization

Facilities that are located within groundwater recharge zones (areas which supply water to replenish the aquifer) will be looked at more closely and may be held to stricter rules to prevent impacts to groundwater and surface water quality and the environment. This could include requiring the use of an impermeable liner. However, if favorable groundwater quality testing results and other characteristics that demonstrate that the facility does not pose a risk to a recharge area are observed, an exemption from this rule may apply.

Contact one of Walden’s environmental experts at
(516)-624-7200 (NYC – Long Island)
(845)-745-0888 (Hudson Valley Area)
(518)-698-3012 (Capital District Area)
 to find out if your facility is required to perform water quality testing.

Not sure if you have a land clearing debris or composting facility?… Click here for more information.