Applicants must apply via the State’s Consolidated Funding Application (CFA), which can be accessed through an online portal that was created in 2011 and allows applicants to apply for several different state grants. The grant program is meant to spur economic growth in New York. This year, agencies that are participating will be able to review and potentially provide funding for a project even if the applicant did not specifically apply to their program for a grant provided the application meets certain guidelines. The flexibility of the grant program is to ensure that projects throughout the state receive funding, not just those in major metropolitan areas. 

Does your organization need funding for critical projects? There are grants available in numerous programs that can help your organization get funding for projects. 

The following is a sampling of the grant programs that are accepting applications:

  1. Wastewater Infrastructure Engineering Planning Grant (EPG) Program
    The EPG program has up to $2.5 million in funding available, provided by the New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation. Grants of up to $100,000 are available to municipalities to fund the engineering and planning steps required to produce an engineering report. The goal of the program is to encourage the advancement of water quality infrastructure projects to the design and construction phases.
  2. Water Quality Improvement Project (WQIP) Program
    The WQIP program has up to $65 million in funding available, provided by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. The WQIP program is a reimbursement grant open to local governments and non-profits to implement projects that directly address documented water quality impairments, improve aquatic habitats, or protect a drinking water source. This grant applies to construction and implementation only, not planning. Eligible project types include wastewater treatment improvement, non-agricultural nonpoint source abatement and control, land acquisition for source water protection, salt storage, aquatic connectivity restoration, and marine district habitat restoration. The award amount is dependent on the project type.
  3. Non-Agricultural Nonpoint Source Planning and Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Mapping Grant
    This program has up to $3 million in funding available, provided by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. Grants in both categories are being offered to local governments and soil and water conservation districts.
    • NPS Planning Reports:
      Grants of up to $30,000 are available to finance planning services that produce project planning reports. Grants of up to $75,000 are available for comprehensive stream corridor studies. Eligible report categories include decentralized municipal wastewater treatment facilities for failing on-site treatment systems, green infrastructure, stormwater retrofits, streambank/shoreline stabilization, in-waterbody controls for nutrients, bathing beach restoration, and stream culvert repair and replacement.
    • MS4 Mapping
      If applying as a collaborative, grants up to $30,000/municipality are available for MS4 mapping ($400,000/collaborative maximum). If a municipality is applying alone, up to $75,000 may be awarded. The funding can be used to complete comprehensive stormwater system maps. The program encourages cooperation between regulated MS4s.
  4. NYSERDA Grants
    • Carbon Neutral Economic Development Program
      Up to $15 million in incentives are available, funded through the New York State Energy Research and Development (NYSERDA), to support economic development projects that can demonstrate that they will achieve carbon-neutral or net-zero energy performance. Projects must demonstrate the ability to achieve the goals of the Regional Economic Development Council’s (REDC’s) Strategic Plan or State Priority Issue Area. Two major eligibility criteria are noted:
      • Only sites that pay into the System Benefits Charge (SBC) are eligible.
      • Projects located on Long Island are ineligible.
    • Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Carbon Challenge
      NYSERDA has $15 million in incentives available, broken into two categories, to support clean energy project portfolios for large C&I customers. Projects must demonstrate carbon emissions savings and be installed within a three year implementation period. Awards range from $500,000 to $5 million, depending on the size of the carbon savings goal. Examples of eligible projects include retrofits, energy efficiency improvements, and carbon capture.

The grants mentioned above are only a few of the programs offering funding in CFA Round 11.  Walden has experience in preparing grant applications on behalf of different municipalities through the CFA and other funding opportunities. We have written successful grant applications for clients resulting in awards from various sources totaling more than $60 million for projects including drainage improvements, sewer system inflow and Infiltration studies, water supply system upgrades, emergency generator installation, and other essential projects. Click here to find out more about Walden’s Grant Writing Services.

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