Effective as of August 21, 2018, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) released the new General Permit conditions for bulkhead replacement and repairs.

Features of the New Permit include:

  • Bulkheads may now be sheathed on the seaward side within 3 inches of the existing bulkhead
  • Bulkheads may be increased in height by 18 inches
  • Dredging is permitted seaward for of a bulkhead for 5 ft in bays and rivers and 10ft in canals
  • Moorings can now be removed and replaced in-kind.

There is currently no fee to apply for the permit, which is of great benefit to homeowners who are already obliged to spend sums of money on maintenance and repairs when owning a waterfront property.  Items that are not covered by the permit include substantial changes such as modifying the shape or design of the bulkhead.  For this, an individual permit must be attained.

How can Walden help?

Walden is able to assist with all permitting requirements by completing the designs and documentation, and handling the liaison between yourself and the Department of Environmental Conservation, making the whole process seamless.  When conducting construction or repairs, an Engineer from Walden working on your side can supervise the construction by others to ensure work is being done satisfactorily.

If you have questions regarding Permitting of Bulkheads or would like to discuss your project please call Walden Environmental Engineering at
(516)-624-7200 (NYC – Long Island)
(845)-745-0888 (Hudson Valley Area)
(518)-698-3012 (Capital District Area)