Failure to File Right-to-Know on Time

So, you forgot to do your Right-to-Know filing, now what? Failing to submit your Right-to-Know Facility Inventory Form (FIF) with all accompanying documents will result in violation penalties. After the first violation, typically no more than 30 days will be provided in order to allow the business to correct the violation and submit their Right-to- Know filing. If the Right-to-Know filing is not performed within the agreed time, a second violation will be issued as well as any subsequent violation, until the business has submitted their Facility Inventory Form (FIF) with all accompanying documentation. As per Local Law #26 Chapter 7 (24-713) the following are the range of penalties charged by the DEP for failure to file Right-to-Knows:

  • First Violation: $250 – $2,500
  • Second Violation: $1700
  • Subsequent Violations: $3,750 – $10,000

Let us Help

Walden has been performing Right-to-Know filings for clients for 25 years. If you have forgotten to file or recently received a violation, let us help you with your speedy submittal. Submitting fast will show good faith on your behalf and might get you some leniency on fines.


If you have any questions regarding your chemical inventory, DEP compliance, or RTK Tier II filing, check out our Right to Know webpage and contact Walden Environmental Engineering.