Don’t Miss the Annual Community Right-to-Know Tier II Report Filing Deadline with the NYC DEP!

by | Jan 3, 2023

It’s January, which means that the Annual Community Right-to-Know Tier II Report filing deadline with the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYC DEP) is less than two months away!


When Is the Filing Deadline?

March 1 is when all Tier II Reports, including Facility Inventory Forms (FIFs) and Safety Data Sheets (SDSs), for a New York City facility that handles and stores hazardous substances in amounts greater than the threshold reporting quantities (TRQs) must be filed with the NYC DEP.


How Do I Know if I Need to Report?

You are required to file an Annual Community Right-to-Know Tier II Report if the amount of hazardous substances handled or stored at your facility is at or exceeds the TRQs set by the NYC Community Right-to-Know Law. A hazardous substance is a chemical that can pose a physical or health hazard and includes chemicals that are corrosive and flammable.

If your facility stores or handles compressed gases, which are gases or mixtures of gases that have an absolute pressure above 40 psi at 70oF (21.1oC) or above 140 psi at 130oF (54.4oC), no matter the pressure at 70oF, or liquid with a vapor pressure above 40 psi at 100oF (37.8oC), you may be required to report based on the amount you handle or store.

Many substances may need to be reported, even in small quantities, based on the very low TRQs.


What Must Be Included in an Annual Tier II Report?

For an Annual Tier II Report to be completed, the following information must be recorded in or attached to a FIF for each reportable hazardous chemical at a facility:

    • the chemical amounts
    • the chemical properties
    • types of containers the chemicals are stored in
    • the chemical storage locations
    • SDSs for each hazardous chemical

Once all of this information is compiled for the Tier II Report, the fee owed to the NYC DEP should be determined so that a payment can be made and submitted with the Annual Community Right-to-Know Tier II Report filing.


Additional Reporting Requirements

A hazardous substance can also be considered an extremely hazardous substance (EHS) if it exceeds federal threshold planning quantities (TPQs). Any facility with these chemicals in quantities at or above federally mandated standards must develop a Risk Management Plan for these chemicals.

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