Great news! The Residential Bulkhead Permit Application is Now Easier to Complete

Long Island residents who have been hoping for less restrictive policies on their bulkhead replacement and repairs have had their prayers answered. The new General Permit conditions released by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) (effective since August 21, 2018) have been updated in your favor.

Why Take Action Now?

The application process takes time.  During the summer you will want to make full use of your waterfront, not be doing repairs then or filing applications.  Now is the time to begin the process to start planning for repairs in the off-season.

What are the benefits of the new application?

  • Less documentation
  • Less room for complications
  • Less money
  • Simpler
  • More advantageous

Unlike the previous General Permit which only applied to south shore residents who lived west of the Robert Moses Causeway, the new General Permit for ‘Tidal Wetland Bulkhead Replacement With Dredging’ is currently in effect for all residents of Nassau and Suffolk Counties, excluding high wave energy areas, vegetated tidal wetlands, submerged aquatic vegetation and marsh island communities.  Individual permits are required for these areas.

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