Facilities and businesses that operate equipment or engage in activities regulated by the New York City Air Pollution Control Code (Air Code) may be required to obtain an Air Permit from the New York City Department of Environmental Protection. Activities and equipment covered by the Air Code include operating fuel burning equipment, demolishing structures, spraying insulating materials, operating various types of industrial processing equipment, or any activity that may cause smoke, soot, ash, dust, fumes, gas, vapors, and / or odors to occur.

Prior to beginning any operations that has the potential to generate air contamination – it is imperative that an evaluation of the proposed operations be performed to determine if NYC Air Permits are required.

The New York City Administrative Code – Title 24 – Chapter 1 – Air Pollution Control mandates regulations for control of air pollution in NYC. These regulations and requirements of the NYC Air code are complex and require considerable expertise to understand and navigate the intricacies of the regulations.

The NYC Air Code regulations may also require separate permits to operate specific air emission sources within a facility – thus requiring several permits to be maintained.

In addition to the NYC Air code requirements, the New York State Department of Conservation has regulations under 6NYCRR Chapter III – part 201 Permits & Registrations for the control of Air emissions.

These state regulations can be extremely complex and may require anything from a simple registration up to a complex Title V permit that may require a host of compliance requirements and daily emission monitoring.

Failure to comply with these current state and city regulation can carry extreme consequences from heavy monetary fines to incarceration.

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