Walden Working with Marbletown to Facilitate Aqueduct Neighborhoods Support Program

by | May 14, 2024


Walden is pleased to be helping the Town of Marbletown facilitate their Aqueduct Neighborhoods Support Program. This program will provide funding and other assistance to residents and businesses in select areas of the town who are impacted by water leaking from the Catskill Aqueduct.

The New York City (NYC)-owned Catskill Aqueduct goes through and under the Town of Marbletown along its route to bring water from the Catskill Mountains to NYC. The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has identified leaks in the pressure tunnel portion of the aqueduct under the town, and this leaking water has caused elevated groundwater in some areas.

The DEP is providing funding over the next few years for the Aqueduct Neighborhoods Support Program, which includes funding a variety of different project types, such as:

  1. Projects to correct impacts on drinking water influenced by leaks from the Catskill Aqueduct; and
  2. Projects to address damage to property including, but not limited to, damage to pavement, utilities, drainage systems, and settlement or shifts of structures caused by elevated groundwater shown to be connected to leaks from the tunnel portion of the Catskill Aqueduct.


Program Area

The area identified as potentially affected by the aqueduct is shown in the figure below. This area includes more than 600 parcels from the hamlets of Stone Ridge, High Falls, Cottekill, and more. Although this is the designated area for the Aqueduct Neighborhoods Support Program, Marbletown residents and businesses outside of this area can also apply for assistance if they believe they are experiencing impacts from the tunnel leaks.

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Walden’s Role

The town hired Walden for administrative and engineering tasks related to the Aqueduct Neighborhoods Support Program. These tasks include publicizing the program, managing inquiries, assisting residents and businesses with applications, assisting the town with completing approved projects, and overseeing projects until completion.

You can find more information about the program and application forms on Marbletown’s website.

If you have questions about this important program, please contact Walden by calling 845-328-3693.