Walden is excited to announce the hiring of our newest project engineer, Ethan Lo, and intern, Elizabeth Collins!


Pictured on the left is intern, Elizabeth Collins. Pictured on the right is project engineer, Ethan Lo.


Lo graduated from the University of Connecticut this May, where he received his Bachelor of Science in environmental engineering. Leading up to his college career, Lo excelled in all of his high school math and science courses, but it was his involvement in the Boy Scouts of America that kickstarted the development of his interest in the environment and sustainability. At the beginning of his college career at UConn, Lo discovered that he would like to focus his career path on hydrology and remediation. Some courses that shaped his experiences were Ecological Principles and Engineering, HAZWOPER, Design of Groundwater Systems, and Groundwater/Watershed Hydrology.


Lo spent last summer as a research assistant and turfgrass technician at the UConn Plant Science Research Farm to widen his knowledge base outside of the classroom. In this role, he conducted outdoor field studies and applied treatments to research plots. He adapted those treatments to achieve experimental results, designed fixtures for applying treatments, and analyzed data to be used in a formal published report. Lo also served as a research and development intern at the Siemon Company, where he tested products and analyzed the associated data. Walden is thrilled to add Lo to our excellent team of engineers.


We’d also like to welcome our newest engineering intern, Elizabeth Collins. Collins is a rising senior at the University of South Carolina, pursuing her B.S. in engineering. Her college experience thus far has supported her growth as a leader and a student. She has spent her time as a peer mentor, a peer consultant leader and has participated in numerous other volunteer activities.


One experience that has defined Collin’s college career was the ‘Maymester’ in which she took part. For three weeks in the Galapagos Islands, Elizabeth learned about sustainability, tourism, biodiversity, and the area’s history. She participated in a discussion-based class, Topics in Marine Science, which provided her great perspective on how civil engineering efforts can contribute to solutions for climate change. Collins will spend the summer at Walden getting to know the many facets of our services.


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