Walden Environmental Engineering is pleased to announce that Edmond (Eddie) Kirby, another of our talented young engineers, has received his Professional Engineer (P.E.) license. Kirby has a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Hofstra University and an M.S. in Technology Management from Farmingdale State College. He began working for Walden in 2015 as an engineering co-op and has been a key team member on numerous projects honing his skills in report writing, construction site safety planning, spill closure reporting, construction oversight, and the bid document process.

Kirby is based out of Walden’s headquarters office in Oyster Bay but provides support for other offices and personnel particularly in the areas of remediation and environmental monitoring, design drafting and site planning, and solid waste management.

“I am fortunate that Walden management consistently motivates all of their young engineers to take the Fundamentals of Engineering exam, which you must have already passed to take the P.E. exam,” said Kirby. “The support that I received from the company while pursuing my license was so important. I’m not sure I could have done it otherwise.”

Obtaining a P.E. license is the engineering industry’s highest standard of quality and aptitude and something that Walden’s senior management team encourages all of their engineers to pursue. “We feel that having a P.E. license is critical for the professional development of our engineers and that license represents an important milestone that not everyone achieves,” said Joseph Heaney III, Walden founder, also a P.E.

A lot of work goes into obtaining a P.E. license. Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree in engineering from an accredited college and they must have worked under the close tutelage of a P.E. for at least four years, among other requirements. Kirby has been preparing for the exam for months and was eagerly awaiting his opportunity to sit for the exam as soon as he was eligible. “I spent many hours studying and preparing for the exam.” He continued, “Of course I’m thrilled with the outcome. Having a P.E. license gives your work credibility and confirms that all of the preparation was worth it.”