On November 14th, Walden Environmental Engineering volunteered for The Book Fairies’ first ever Guinness World Record Day at the Martin Luther King Jr. and La Francis Hardiman Elementary Schools. The Book Fairies is a Long Island based non-profit organization that has been collecting and donating books since 2015.

The goal of this event was to beat the Guinness World record for the longest, continuous line of laid books, currently at 2.64 miles. All books used in their record breaking attempt would be donated to the Wyandanch community! The Book Fairies hoped that breaking the record they would promote awareness for their mission of providing books to under-served communities.

The Walden engineers spent the weeks leading up to the event drafting a map of the schools to assist The Book Fairies to plan the best way to achieve their goal. On the day of the attempt, Walden engineers went to the schools to lay books with other volunteers. Over the course of the day the team laid books enough books to reach 3.8 miles!