Walden Environmental Engineering is proud to be a supporter of Rallye for Veterans. The group is a veteran-founded 501c3 nonprofit charitable organization whose mission is to provide direct medical and mortgage (rent) relief funds to veterans in need. There are many challenges that veterans face as they transition from the military. Rallye for veterans focuses on two identified main concerns. These issues are homelessness and substantial medical debt.  

They address those needs by hosting numerous charitable events throughout the year, their most recognized being legal road rallies that partner drivers and navigators on varying driving adventures. These events provide unforgettable experiences for service-connected veterans and classic car owners in the process. The experiences aim to foster a camaraderie and team spirit between the two groups, which helps civilians understand the difficulties many veterans face as they assimilate back into non-military life. 

They also raise money by hosting charity dinners, galas, and silent auctions throughout the year. Funds are dispersed to veterans in need regardless of participation in any Rallye or other event. 

Walden’s involvement with the group is through Walden Project Scientist Nick Simpson. The group’s founder, Donnie Payman, has been personal friends with Simpson since their school days. “Donnie and I were friends in high school,” said Simpson. “We are still friends to this day, and we also share a passion for cars. Donnie had served in the military. After returning to civilian life, he realized some of the challenges our veterans face when transitioning and also the strains associated with medical issues that were a result of events that happened during service.”  

Rallye for Veterans helps the men and women who served in the United States Armed Forces. All veterans have made sacrifices to ensure we can live free and enjoy our way of life as Americans. These sacrifices often come at great costs to our veterans. Rallye pledges to give back to them in their times of need. Economic uncertainty and unexpected medical bills can be devastating to veterans returning home and those who have already begun the next chapter of their lives. Rallye aims to provide mortgage and medical relief to veterans who find themselves in difficult situations. All gave some, and some gave all; now it’s our turn to give back. 

“I could not think of a better organization to advocate for. Rallye brings together two things that I wholly support–helping veterans and classic and performance cars,” said Simpson. “Donnie and I share those passions as both owners of classic vehicles and supporters of our veterans. I was glad to donate my annual charity money to his organization.” Simpson hopes to participate in an upcoming Rallye to help the cause further and show some of America’s vets a good time on Connecticut’s windy roads. 

To learn more and get involved with Rallye for Vets, please visit Rallyeforvets.org or check them out on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.