Walden Environmental Engineering (Walden), a provider of civil and environmental engineering services headquartered in Oyster Bay, LI, announced today that it has purchased Turnkey Compliance Solutions (Turnkey). Turnkey is based in CT and specializes in Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) consulting services.

With the acquisition of Turnkey, both firms increase their service offerings in the markets they serve. “I am truly excited about this acquisition,” said Joseph Heaney, President of Walden. “The combination of Walden and Turnkey creates a synergy that will allow us to offer our clients expanded but complementary services and expertise.”

“I founded Turnkey, with Mark Morgano in 2006, based on a mutual desire to provide our clients a superior level of service. We did not feel those businesses–now our clients–were getting a quality product from other companies. We are determined to be more connected with our clients on all of their day-to-day business and compliance objectives,” said Mike Balda, co-founder, of Turnkey. “This acquisition will allow us to continue providing our clients with the outstanding service they are accustomed to while expanding our services and solutions for them through the additional environmental and engineering services Walden provides. It is a winning situation all around, and our whole team is excited to be part of Walden.”

This acquisition will help facilitate the growth of both firms by allowing easier access to other markets while expanding their footprint and reach in the markets in which they currently operate. Turnkey has grown into a respected source of EHS programs including site-specific safety plans, hazardous waste management, and related training programs, which will mesh quite nicely with the services of Walden, a provider of civil and environmental engineering services.

“The acquisition of Turnkey will give Walden the opportunity to expand our service offerings into areas of New England, particularly Connecticut. Equally, Walden will help Turnkey grow by giving their extensive roster of clients engineering services,” said Heaney. “Now, clients of both Walden and Turnkey will have one source to turn to for a comprehensive list of services. That helps the clients, Walden and Turnkey operate with maximum efficiency.”

Turnkey Compliance Solutions will be known as Turnkey Compliance Solutions, a Division of Walden Environmental Engineering. Turnkey’s founders will remain as Directors of this newly created division within Walden. Balda continued, “Nothing will change for our customers. In fact, the Turnkey team will remain intact, allowing a seamless transition. Our ability to play a greater role in satisfying clients’ needs will increase.”

Previously, Walden purchased two other engineering/professional services firms. The integration of those firms into Walden was successful and points to Heaney’s winning strategy of merging with well-respected firms whose expertise is strongly aligned with Walden’s. This strategy serves our clients by ensuring access to a dedicated roster of licensed professionals who employ innovative, creative thinking in addressing their needs.

About Walden Environmental Engineering
Walden Environmental Engineering is a full-service consulting firm dedicated to helping clients solve their environmental concerns for over 26 years. Our mission is simple: To assist our clients in achieving their goals. We understand that means more than addressing your civil and environmental engineering challenges but also ensuring your facility remains operational while complying with regulations within the budget and schedule that works for you.

About Turnkey Compliance Solutions
Turnkey Compliance Solutions is the EHS compliance partner for organizations needing to outsource those critical functions entirely or to upgrade or supplement their existing team capabilities. Turnkey’s areas of expertise include compliance auditing and environmental site assessments; environmental, health and safety program development; waste management; hazardous materials management; training; regulatory agency liaison; environmental management systems; and OSHA program support.

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