On Sunday July 22nd, staff at Walden Environmental Engineering downed the tools and joined a few thousand others by competing in the Tough Mudder, 5 mile obstacle course, at Bethpage, NY.   It was Team Walden’s first attempt at a Tough Mudder event, and everyone performed admirably!  While the staff at Walden are more used to assessing mud’s characteristics and structural integrity, or taking samples of it to look for contamination, this was a day to just enjoy ourselves and work as a team to get through all the obstacles thrown in front of us. Normally reserved for kids, how often do you get a chance as an adult to get covered in mud and just enjoy it?

The Mud Experts The Mud Experts

The team spirit and comradery was in abundance and helped us get through all the obstacles together.  We crawled through mud under barbed wire, climbed in and out of mud pools, helped each other climb over walls and even up a 13 foot quarter pipe where you had to run as high as you could and then leap and hope you would grab hands that were reaching down (thanks to others for getting the first couple of us up!).

Everyone there had a great day and showed our true colors by supporting each other to the end.  The hard work ethic and will to succeed was evident in all of us who attended.  These are some of the qualities we all display in our daily lives at work, and what our clients can expect Walden staff to deliver for them when they entrust us with their projects.

The Mud ExpertsThe Mud Experts

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