Walden Environmental Engineering would like to congratulate Jane Bakes on their Grand Opening at the iPark East Fishkill location. We welcome Jane Bakes to the iPark neighborhood as Jane Carroll brings her delicious treats to the area. Jane Bakes offerings are delicious and great to share with co-workers, family and friends!  According to her website, “Jane’s cookies are high fiber, have a low glycemic index, low carbs and are 100% whole grain”.

Jane bakes these tasty treats that come in a package of unique texture and placed in recycled packaging! Her cookies can be found by visiting her many store locations all up and down the east coast! The smell of fresh baked cookies, a soothing cup of coffee and a relaxing experience brings everyone a smile. She offers flavors such as vanilla bean, whiskey & rye chocolate chip, raisin & oatmeal, gluten-free amaretto & oatmeal, and gluten free chocolate chip and more!

Jane has now become part of iPark East Fishkill Spring 2020. We have been able to watch the development and creativity come alive here at iPark. Walden has assisted with site development from the beginning of construction in the bakery at iPark near Sloop Brewery. Three of Walden’s staff were especially involved in the site and building modifications to best fit the tenants’ needs:  Erica Johnston, Joe Scalo and Kerri Wright.  By adapting the existing building into a comfortable, warm and successful work area using conceptual site designs, Jane is ready to take action in Dutchess County. Walden was happy to be a part of the team to give Jane a new home near us!  

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