Temporary Laboratory Director and Third-Party Laboratory Audit Services

In today’s challenging environmental climate, environmental testing has become standard practice. The majority of remediation and environmental projects are mandated by governing bodies and involve analytical testing to assess current and post-remediation conditions.

The New York State Department of Health’s Wadsworth Center Environmental Laboratory Approval Program (ELAP) is responsible for issuing, maintaining and overseeing all NYS approved Environmental Laboratory Certifications.

What Do Laboratory Directors Do?

  • Quality control and quality assurance compliance
  • Certify laboratory analytical results
  • Maintain laboratory certifications
  • Employee oversight
  • Ensure all equipment compliance

Lab Director

The process of obtaining a NYS Environmental Laboratory Certification approval is a long, complex and costly endeavor. One of the key factors required to maintain the laboratory certification is to appoint a qualified Technical Director, who shall be a full-time member of the laboratory’s staff and provides day-to-day supervision of all laboratory operations.

The requirement for Technical Director must be continuous in order for the laboratory to maintain its certification approval. If a laboratory finds itself without a director, the certification may be revoked; it can be extremely costly and time consuming for the laboratory to become re-certified.

Need a Laboratory Director?

Walden’s staff includes a former NYS ELAP Laboratory Director with the experience and qualifications to step in and act as your Technical Director and maintain compliance with your current certifications until a qualified permanent replacement can be hired.

In addition, Walden’s staff has considerable experience and expertise with the complexities of current regulations which impact laboratories. We can assist clients in setting up and improving their laboratory operations as well as perform outside third-party reviews.

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