Walden Environmental Engineering Does Groundwater Sampling!

Walden Environmental Engineering performs groundwater sampling in a variety of settings and for a variety of applications, including spill investigation and remediation, environmental monitoring of sites enrolled in regulatory programs, such as Brownfield and Superfund, and phase two environmental site assessments.

Walden’s highly experienced geologists and engineers perform groundwater sampling activities in accordance with all regulatory and industry standards.

Sampling equipment and techniques are chosen to best suit the needs of each individual project and may entail the use of submersible pumps, bailers, or simple tubing set ups depending on such factors as groundwater depth, the targeted sample depth and monitoring while construction specifications. For sites where groundwater sampling may be routine or repetitive these materials can be permanently installed inside each monitoring well to make the process more cost effective.

The information obtained from groundwater sampling enables Walden’s technical staff to evaluate hydrologic conditions at a site. Not only in terms of chemical components within the groundwater system, but also subsurface geology and groundwater elevation and flow. This data can then be used to select the best remedial option for that specific site if necessary.

In addition to groundwater sampling, Walden’s expertise also includes the design, installation, and development of monitoring wells, in addition to numerous other activities related to site investigation and remediation.

Walden Staff

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