Project Bidding, Administration and Construction Management Services

Walden has vast experience in both private and municipal project bidding.  We perform all services related to the bidding process, from preparing bid packages and technical specifications through bid solicitation and contract award.  Walden also provides construction oversight, both on projects we have designed and as a stand-alone service.  We believe in getting the job completed on-time and within the contractor’s approved budget.  Walden also ensures that the contractor follows industry standard health and safety protocols.  We review and approve contractor claims/payment requests, conduct final inspections and generate punchlists for project completion.  Our primary focus is ensuring that the client gets the system they are paying for with few headaches and no change orders.  We take pride in our construction inspection and management services, looking out for our clients’ best interests and not caving into contractor requests.


  • Bid Preparation and Management
  • Contract Management/Administration
  • Construction Oversight
  • Equipment Selection
  • Technical Spec Preparation
  • Contract Development
  • Contractor Solicitation and Bidding
  • Bid Evaluation and Recommendation
  • Contract Negotiation and Signing
  • Shop Drawing Review
  • Project Scheduling
  • Permit Review
  • Project Mobilization
  • Construction Oversight
  • Preparation of As-Builts



Sewage Ejector System Installation, Nassau, New York

An international bus company with a depot in Brooklyn had a number of buses and coaches for hire with on-board bathrooms.  There was never any convenient way to discharge the waste from these buses once back at the depot.  Walden was hired to solve this problem and was recommended based on previous projects that staff within Walden were known for.  After doing an on-site investigation to assess the sewerage system and utilities, Walden formed an innovative plan to install an automatic sewage ejector system in the parking lot which was piped into the current sewerage system of the building. read more