Walden Pleased to host Dr. Amy Nitza presenting “Building and Sustaining Personal and Professional Resilience”

During these tremendously challenging times, we are all experiencing some new stressors in our every-day lives both in the home and at work. Challenges and routines have been replaced, intensified or removed out of our daily way of life. As an employer, Walden Environmental Engineering believes it is important to provide a comfortable, safe and… Read More

Microgrids – Current Events

In the world of Microgrids, major events continue to unfold in 2020: Microgrid Knowledge conducted its first Virtual Conference, The US House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis released a road map with microgrids as part of the solution, and Microgrid interest and investment is at an all-time high. Global warming and the COVID-19 pandemic… Read More

Health & Safety

Health and Safety Walden places a strong emphasis on health and safety in every workplace. Health and safety is paramount to your business’s success, the well-being of your workforce, and ultimately your bottom line.  At Walden practical and workable application of OSHA and NYSDOH regulations and Guidelines are paramount to us.  If the Plan is… Read More