OSHA Promotes Safety Awareness with Yearly Event

Monday (May 3rd) marked the beginning of OSHA’s 2021 National Safety Stand Down to Prevent Falls in Construction. OSHA promotes the week as an opportunity for those working in the construction industry to learn about, and prevent, fall hazards. Falls are one of OSHA’s “Fatal Four,” which are the top four causes of fatalities in… Read More

Does my Industrial Facility need a SPDES Permit, NPDES Permit, or a SWPPP for stormwater discharge management in New York State?

When it comes to facility stormwater discharge management in New York state, there can be confusion on what permitting is required and what the various acronyms like SPDES, NPDES, or SWPPP mean. In short, SPDES and NPDES, are related regulatory programs put in place to regulate stormwater discharges that may leave a facility and enter… Read More

Walden and Harkin Aerial to Present MS4 Illicit Discharge Detection Investigation Using Thermal Image UAVs (Drones) at the 2021 Long Island GIS Virtual User Conference

Walden and Harkin Aerial will be presenting groundbreaking techniques for using drones to locate potential pollution in water bodies at the 2021 Long Island GIS Virtual User Conference. The seminar will discuss using cutting-edge technology to find illicit discharges. Thomas T. (Ted), Nitza Jr., P.E. from Walden, and Scott Harrigan from Harkin Aerial will be… Read More

New York City Benchmarking and Energy Efficiency Grading Due May 1st

Benchmarking and Energy Efficiency Grading (Benchmarking) is a tool that The City of New York (City) introduced as part of an initiative to make buildings operate more efficiently.  The City standardizes this process by utilizing the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) online benchmarking tool, known as the Energy Star Portfolio Manager® (Portfolio Manager).  Building… Read More