MS4 Illicit Discharge Investigation Using Thermal Imaging UAVs

Research and Development, Village of Laurel Hollow, New York Walden, Harkin Aerial, and the Friends of the Bay (Oyster Bay) applied for and received a grant from the Nassau County Soil and Water Conservation District to use drones to help the client improve water quality in the Laurel Hollow Subwatershed by mapping water infrastructure, detecting… Read More

MS4 Illicit Discharge Investigation Using Thermal Imaging UAVs–Mill Neck Creek

Research and Development, Village of Bayville, New York (Mill Neck Creek) On this project, Walden and Harkin Aerial used drones to help the client improve water quality in the Mill Neck Creek Subwatershed by better mapping water infrastructure, detecting and locating possible illicit discharges in stormwater systems (MS4) and identifying other areas that could be… Read More

Multiple Environmental Services for a Facility in Bronx, New York

Walden provided a multi-task professional engineering and professional geology service to a Bronx facility operating multiple boilers to generate heat and steam for residential consumers. Initially, Walden’s assistance to the client was related to obtaining all necessary air permits due to a mandatory NYC DEP requirement to convert the boiler fuel from #6 fuel oil… Read More

MS4 Annual Reporting and Training

Walden conducts Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) annual refresher training for several municipal clients, where we discuss the importance of eliminating illicit discharges and meeting the minimum control measures to protect local surface waters. The purpose of the training is to ensure that the Villages deploy trained staff to enforce the permit and MS4… Read More

Municipal On-Call Contracts

Since 2005 Walden has assisted various municipalities with a wide array of environmental compliance tasks through developing contracts with environmental subcontractor firms. The contracts secure prices for our clients. Walden has developed a series of separate on-call contracts for environmental subcontractor services on behalf of a local Town.  These on-call contracts have enabled the Town… Read More

Various Airport Environmental Assessments, Long Island, NY

Walden prepared for the FAA an EAF for airport development projects for a proposed removal of runway obstructions. This was conducted so that slope requirements for the runways under the 49 CFR Part 77 Slope Requirements. Through the review process, it was determined that the obstructions that would need to be removed to meet slope… Read More

NEPA/SEQRA Environmental Review for Financing Application, Great Neck, NY

Walden prepared a grant application for a water authority to New York state in order to harden the public water supply system against storm and flood impacts. Through SEQR/NEPA review, review of documentation from the U.S Army Corps of Engineers regulations, NYSDEC regulations and the NYSDOH, Walden prepared long and short form Environmental Assessment Forms… Read More